For All the Boys I Have Known

The First
I was so convinced I'd marry you.
You had such big dreams
and I seemed to just
weigh you down.
You never hit me
but you left scars.
You made me believe that I was a terrible person
and honestly I worry for the girl you are with now
Two and a half years,
you had total control of my entire life.
I hope you run for governor
and pictures of you get leaked
and ruin your fucking career.

The Second
I want to start off by saying
I'm sorry.
I strung you along
while I was tangled up
and you didn't deserve that.
It was only once,
and it was
You're living with your girlfriend
in another state
I bet you'll get married.
I'm so happy for you.

The Third
I forgive you,
even though
you broke my heart.
I cried 48 hours straight.
I shared a lot of firsts with you
Looking back,
we were much too different.
It's funny
I feel like I'm in
a real-life Good Luck Chuck
You're the third guy to find "the one"
directly after me.

The Fourth
Burn in hell.

The Fifth
See "The Fourth."

The End

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