Watch this premature snow fall upon your filthy clothes, seconds old
There is no way out from this concrete world
I sing about beauty, until the moment I open my eyes
With nothing but fire in the skies, you're giving me a chance to poison myself
The words of your lament, littered with oddities and atrocities.
Implausible, escapees are a dying generation
This gap reaches across souls, and retches filth into the very purest corners.
Indescribable agony, as obsession, the market arises, cutting us off
Every person comes blind into this world
And all shall perish, eyes clenched tightly closed, fixated by terror. 

Every one of us sits, petrified to die alone,
Filling the gaping hole in our chest with razor blades

Possessions are fleeting.
Your life is fleeting. 

The End

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