I wrote this poem while listening to a REALLY boring speech.. So just read and review.. Dunno what to write here..

The wishes of a child,
A youth's dream.
An infant's first joyride,
The setting sun's gleam.

Autumn's first falling leaf,
Summer's green grapes.
The hush of a winter night,
An angel's footsteps.

The echo of that step,
The beating of a heart.
The silence in which a new born sleeps,
The footstep's silent part.

The silent part in one's life,
Which causes affection and love.
The warmth of a close friend,
The blessings from the skies above.

The stranger who hummed,
The song of love eternal.
He died, yet lived forever,
As a part of the being celestial.

And he died most naturally,
Because of a footstep.
An angel's; who whispered,
And divine light into the stranger crept.

The footsteps faded into tranquility,
Till heaven's breath could be heard.
The silence consumed the stranger into the holy void,
He deserved nothing less, for he had heard His word.

The End

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