Footprints In The Sand

A broken heart, like shards of glass

Haunted by a tragic past

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go

Tears of pain like rivers flow

Regret that she has been betrayed

Now her heart cannot be saved.

Broken shells scratch her bare feet

Her heart no longer has a beat

A hand of ice clasps round her heart

Forcing happiness to depart

Remembers once when happy times

Occurred right where she stands

Midnight, the clock chimes:

Laughing, holding hands

Walks out into the dark cold ocean

Blank face shows no emotion

She has nothing left to give

No reason left for her to live

Sunrise comes with bloodred skies

Accompanied by seagulls' cries

The waves roll up to shore at high tide

Dissolving the footprints a woman left behind.

The End

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