Fool's Errand

A poem for those who are out to finish what they've started and have been through a lot along the way.

Our paths will cross one final time,

And when they do, I’ll blow your mind.

I’ve seen what no one else saw before,

You’ve got no idea what’s in store.

On this fool’s errand we run,

Our path illuminated by the sun.

But rain must come every now and then,

Our footsteps are light, our shadows glow.

 Even if the shoe I’m trying to wear

Falls off without me seeing the tear.

I won't let the innocent fall away,

Our footsteps are heavy,  pressure is in the air.

And on this fool’s errand we go,

Believing our footsteps are as white as snow.

But ahead of us there is also death,

The ground is stained red, feelings overflow.

I first stepped on this path for you, 

But not just to show you what I could do.

And on this fool's errand we go, 

Believing our footsteps are white as snow.

But in your eyes there is only death.

Our footsteps are no longer there,

Let go.

The End

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