Food for thought

What's the use of doing anything, if you gonna do it wrong

Don't you know that the road to wisdom is paved with dedication

And that dedication is the main ingredient in the potion used to dissipate those dark clouds of failure


Ain't no sense in saying you can't do something, but you've never tried it before

Failure is the best way to get the chance of winning a nice dream

And failure teaches you that you should always polish your mistakes and learn from them, ALWAYS!

So I rather drown in shame for trying and failing, than find myself in the midst of regret for not doing anything at all


A procrastinated dream bares nothing, just like a barren tree

They say "you reap what you sow", so make sure you plant your dreams on fertile soil and always nurture them

Build your dreams on concrete foundation and reinforce them with persistence and resilience

Work hard and let hard work buy you that taste of an achieved goal

But I should warn you though!

That very same taste will give you a thrilling sensation that will give you the air punch

And will definitely leave you thrusting your fist in the air

The End

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