This Place Has Gone to Hell

Now I just adhere the same boring routine
work dried up and I have nothing left to do
I’d grab a coffee but it’s too cold to get outta my bed
but I’ll take a cup of sugar if you know what I mean
Yeah, this place has gone to Hell
but you make it more bearable

I couldn’t fix the heating so I made a fire
burnt all the photographs from when I was someone else
It’s not my fault I grew older and forgot I was young
still naive enough to rush things even my relationships
Come on over here and hold on to me
I don’t know how I ended up at this point in my life

I can see the clouds smear over the weak sun
seems like another day with the threat of rain
I can’t tell the difference because all the good
in my world is standing right before me
Yeah miss sunshine, I’m talking to you
even if you wear darker clothes it doesn’t change a thing

We got a blizzard on its way from the north
suppose we better ration what little we have
If I had some gold to help us move away
somewhere sunny right by the beach
But even then it would rain every single day
it’s just the way it is this side of the country

The End

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