FM epiphany

culture talk radio,
driving down the foggy A6
is an angel
speaking in tongues. 

I saw only flashes of words
and phrases
poesie, alcohol
l'alcohol, les poètes

I heard what I reckoned,
what I long proposed:
Poetry begins,
where drinking ends. 

Lay down your ax,
You're holding the key.
No numbing your feelings
Refute apathy!

Hold on to the hand rails
you're picking up speed 
maintain your momentum
Feel yourself bleed.

Why mute your emotions
In a cup of dread?
Tunnel untamable balls of light
to paper from your head.

You are surely set to see
boundless creativity!
Arising from your tea,
Steaming from your coffee.

While wallowing unclear
Are those still stuck
On wine and beer 
Unsure about the rhythm 
Detached from their own brain
stammering and strained
to reach their heart again. 

Knowing full well
they're caught in a spell.
Because drinking begins,
Where poetry ends. 

The End

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