I've been struggling with some snippets of affection hiding in my mind's dark corners that, try as a might, won't leave. These are my thoughts, my emotions, my heart put down in words in a perhaps vain attempt to let them go. I don't care who reads this; this is for myself.

I'm scared to fly away.

I sit in our tree, waiting for you to come back. You promised to always stay with me, even when thunder roared and lightning struck our branches. 

But you disappeared in the daylight; in the middle of the beautiful autumn sunlight. 

When you left, the air became frigid. Every gentle wind that rustles the branches of our tree now strikes me to the core, leaving me frightened and searching the skies for you to come home.

But you haven't come home. Winter has shuffled in with gusts of sleet and snow, leaving our radiant autumn to wither and die. 

Have you forgotten about me?

A new tree has sprouted nearby, our shadow shielding the sprout from the harsh winds of real life. Our tree, even as it fades, suits a purpose as the winter sun beckons me to leave; as it beckons me to fly away.

But if I abandon our tree, what will happen to it? Will it succumb to its suffering and dissolve? Will the pieces of the branches where we would sit for ages become immortal, forever drifting along the frosty winds of last year's winter?

I can't let go. What if you come home?

I'm just too scared to fly away.

The End

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