Dedicated to my aunt who died tragically in 2002-Patricia <3

Walk along a beach of dreams

Nothing is ever what it seems

Notice all the hopes and cry

View across the sunlit sky

Fly...To a new place

Fly...To a forgotten grace

Fly...To remember that face

People die and people live

Many tears now we give

All the sorrow and the greif

Cold chill, a single leaf

Fly...To the light

Fly...To what is right

Fly...To the true sight

Darkness comes and goes

Shadow and hate now grows

Monsters watch and seek

A single second feels like a week

Fly...To the sound

Fly...Off the ground

Fly...To a single cloud

Hearts are shattered, fully broken

Misled solution, they are awoken

Sadness overwhelmes laughter

This time before is better than after

Fly...To that mighty sun

Fly...To that only one

Fly...So that you dont need to run

She was an aunt, a sister, a daughter

No difference now between tears and water

A giant hole is awaken

Who he chooses young or forsaken

Fly...For she isn`t dead

Fly...To her far off bed

Fly...Do not be misled

People forget but not for long

Family doesn`t see whats wrong

Sign and symbols are now shown

Black crows have now flown

Fly...For we don`t know

Fly...So we can grow

Fly...So we don`t feel so low

We see now that we must move on

This huge life and we`re only a pawn

We start to move but don`t forget

We see god no sorrow or regret

Fly...Now we can see

Fly...For now we are free

Fly...Just you and me

Fly...Love is our key

Fly...Fly...Fly...So far away we could be...


The End

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