I'm not exactly sure what this poem is, it started off as something serious about love, but i started to make it more cheerful towards the end :)

I wrap myself round your soft flesh,

A compassionate double helix.

Born out of oxytocin or depression.

my love is there. As long as you feel it.


Flow through my fingers.

Like the least viscous of all silk.

I crave your soft touch,

Like a baby craves mother’s milk.

Fit between my finger’s gaps.

They were designed just for you

The simplest of all jigsaw puzzles…

But requires participation by two.


Your topaz eyes with an opal core

You look at me with love?

Sometimes…sometimes I don’t –

Sometimes…I don’t feel love.

Then. You take my hand. Kiss my cheek.

And bliss my mind like the heavens above.


Life…life throws things at us

Dilemmas…bricks, chairs, and of course, lemons.

But never the less, we do our best

And turn our hell, into heaven.

Life…seems to always run

Like water, like blood, like egg yoke

Just make a joke, or play a note,

Or sit back in your fishing boat.

…and smile.


Ryan Smith – 09/2/2011

The End

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