Flow of the TaoMature

stuff about angst, being angry at your mother, parental strife... confusion. When will the sun come out, muddling through.

I am so angry at my mother

She tells me to clean

I try when she's nice, but

When she's not (I think)

I cringe at the thought

The dishes, the laundry, her toenails

All done by me,

I remind her

But she still won't

Clean up after her

Little piles of napkin

Day after day

She can set my father on me

With only a look

All I have to do is

Deny her the juiciest cut

Of prime daughter heart

Does she love me

I'm never sure for long but I know

I have an aversion to grime

I have a disorder that stops me from


I have to use so much

Of my self just to

Go forward

Why is it like this

I guess I should take it

From Churchill

But how much longer

I tried to work

It doesn't

The stress of trying

Made me hysterical

The kind of thing

The kind of person I am

It will always happen

I have strong instincts

And they're always right

I've survived by them

Am I overreacting?

They tell me no

Then yes and maybe

But it's so hard to understand

The Universe

The cryptex of advice

Unhelpful and biting

I must trust myself

Or who can I trust?

What step can I take

 That I haven’t already

Every time

It turns to shit

Am I just

Supposed to wait then?

All my life, I've waited

Only because

Every time I try

To strike out on my own

It dies in the womb

Not my fault, sometimes

I just

Can't understand it

Whether two snakes in

The cradle


Krishna at the demon's breast

It is what it is

In essence


Flow of the Tao


The End

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