Everyone has a good and a bad side.

I once told a friend, “It is not who you are

But however you are perceived.

You could write anyone as a villain”

But alas, I was still not believed

“Look, there goes that girl with the golden brown hair,

Why, all she does is a delight!

She's cat-like and sweet, and french-esque and neat,

And unique in the way that she writes.”

“Look, there goes that boy with the spark in his eye,

He's charming, interesting and bright.

Eccentric and fast, with a memory that lasts,

And his sharp dress sense- well, what a sight!

You can paint your friends well, paint your friends fair,

You can make them dandy and smart,

Yet for every plus there's a minus,

To just as easily flip the chart.

“Look, there goes that girl- do you know what she's done?

She gets drunk and also breaks hearts,

She's chubby and mean, and does like to preen,

In her, there are just no good parts.”

“Look at that fool with the grin on his face,

The actor who can't keep his cool,

Huge ego, that twat, he's not cuddly, but fat!

He's a deluded, annoying fool”

So you see now, my friend, you can show one's good,

Just as easily as show one's bad.

Everyone's a complex character.

Are there any good ones who aren't mad?

The End

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