Flight of an Angel

This one I wrote in inspiration of a good friend of mine who died not even a year ago. She will always be in my heart, and her memory will stay in there forever. <3

When you were right here with me, everything was in the light

Your laughter joyfully held us, like a breeze holds up a kite

Everything was happy, I wish it never changed

But now your spirit's with us, it will always stay that way.


The sparkling white of heaven's blanket tucks you in to sleep

The angels all around you protect you as you dream

You're flying on their wings as you paint the night with stars

So we can catch a glimpse as you start dancing from afar.


I remember times we went through, seems like just yesterday

We'd laugh at things that happened just the other day

But then that terrible morning came, I just could not believe

That you had gone away form here, in heaven you would be.


Right now you're in a different world and now you're free of hate

No pain or sorrow to haunt you, right now I'll sit and wait

For that day, when I see you, and meet you in the sky

I'll be with you then forever, tears of happiness I'll cry.

The End

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