We felt to wander through the night

We could smell the coming rain

There was no-one else in sight

No rules and no restraints


Simple energy, Charge in motion


That's when the lightning broke

The wind and rain came hitting hard

A branch crashed down off an oak

We cut across a yard


Magnetic, Pure vibration


We came upon an abandoned school

Where knights and dragons roamed no more

Knowing now what we'd come to do

We broke inside through the back door


Electric current, Undulation


In empty halls we joined immersed

Hidden away in away in our private world

Ankles stepping out of your fallen skirt

Bare moonlight on your goosebumped flesh - you nearly glowed


Atomic matter, Raw Attraction


I had you in the night, our heat pressed to the marble floor

I bent to kiss your sweat; the tinge of salt was warm

Your ragged breath drew in, your nails dug in my form

All in tune to the drum of the pounding storm


All we are is charge in motion

The End

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