You dangle my heart,

Just outside my grasp.

I turn as I hear,

A sharp steely rasp.


A knife you have drawn,

To strike me down.

I look from it to you,

With a bewildered frown.


As the knife reaches its peak,

I have nowhere to hide,

From this vengeance you seek,

Your exposed dark side.


It plunges, plunges,

Towards my heart,

It hurtles down,

I do not move, do not start


You falter.

You pull up short.

Like a vanquished foe,

At the walls of the fort.


We push through.

We struggle on.

We miss each other,

From dusk till dawn.


You have torn me apart,

Yet I love you.

Flaws we may have,

More than a few.


Our love avoids the path,

We do not want conventional,

We want extraordinary,

Each individual moment is intentional.

The End

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