This is my first work.
When i thought of not going to college ( BUNK THE CLASSES ) my mind went back to childhood...

Hope some of us will share similar feelings...


I was six

Had a problem to fix.

I hated school,

wanted a reason to leave.


On my bed,

I rolled; catching my head.

My mom knew truth,

that I didn't have head.


No way out

With no reason to leave

I got out of bed

with face full red.


The sky was blue

with no clue, I went to loo.

Bathed in shower

and dried with a towel.


Said my mom

" Is your head paining,Tom"?

I said,"yes".

with tear in my eye.


Mom asked to rest

I said,"you are the best".

I got a break

to stay with whom i love.


With open hands

she called my name.

I ran to her

with cheerful smile.


I thought

that i fooled her.

But didn't know

that love is blind.


When I bunk today

I don't get the joy of that day.

Joy of 

The love of sweet MOM.


The End

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