Tener confianza al tango

To watch is to witness grace,
to know passion,
to behold flow.

New, enchanted, I try.
I step back in time with my partner,
but slowly,
trying to keep distance.

I try to know my partner's mind,
to anticipate,
but to no avail.

A stubborn, suspicious creature,
not given to trust,
naturally wanting to know
what comes next,
not willing to trust
my partner's instructions.

But I must let go,
even if just a little, 
and simply trust that he will lead,
that I will follow.

Even just that little bit of release
to have two move as one,
just for a little while,
makes for a smoother dance,
a smoother life.

El tener confianza al tango
es el tener confianza al mundo;
to trust in tango
is to trust in the world...
... even if only just a little

The End

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