More dancing lol

His kisses i am waiting for.

Quietly, and as patiently,

as best as I can.

For when he does arrive,

I promise we shall dance all night.

Firstly into each others arms,

swaying, laughing, loving,

and all giddy,

finally meeting

and holding each other close.

I am dreaming of this moment,

counting down the days, the hours,

till when we can dance all night.

How our kisses will just melt

with the rhythm of love.

Our hands that are touching,

holding and caring.

For its all been amissing.

Doing the waltz round the living room

and the cha cha cha all round the bedroom.

The crescendo building slowly up,

to the meeting of great minds,

There will be now no need for talking,

as we dance oh so slowly through the night.

The End

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