Five Words: Poetry Contest

The first Poetry Workshop's biweekly poetry contest! The contest ends Saturday, July 5th and 1-2 winners will be selected. All welcome to write, read, rate and critique!

Ahoy there my poeting friends!
The pen it tips, the road it bends,
And here we are at a beginning
And already thinking of winning?

Good. But the point is not to win,
But to write a poem so good it's a sin.
And to critique so well that all will say:
"What a good idea, I'll change that right away!"

And you'd better rate, too,
Cuz us judges are counting on you,
To decide who will get the prize,
Of a winning word and a twinkle in our eyes.

And now for five words
That will hopefully ensure
That you write a cool poem here
And they are, (yes a little bit weird)...






The End

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