Five Senses

Can you see what I see?

Magic all around,

Birds flying high, animals running free,

Love and passion in every sound.

Can you hear what I hear?

Singing everywhere,

Children giggling, laughing without fear,

The sound of my smile as you stroke my hair.

Can you feel what I feel?

Eternal love deep inside,

Hearts beating, no ordeals,

Never a reason that we should hide.

Can you smell what I smell?

Fresh baking in the air,

Nutritious, baked with love to keep us well,

Sweet aromas without dispair.

Can you taste what I taste?

Your precious kiss upon my lips,

Deep desires we must sate,

Running not walking, will we slip?

Heightened senses,

No offences,

Passionate and intense,

When it's love, it won't make sense.

The End

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