First Time

The heat of your breath burned my neck

Your hands groped my breasts

Thin lips covered my full ones in sloppy, wet kisses

A foreign tongue invaded my mouth and interloped itself with mine

I fought to keep my eyes closed,

I tried pushing away the feelings of awkwardness and discomfort

It felt WRONG

I tried to look anywhere but into your eyes

You asked me what was wrong and I said, "nothing"

You asked me if I was turned on and I said, "yes"

But I lied

I screamed at myself on the inside,

I wanted to make myself tell you to get off and leave

You touched my flower and crushed it

And still I pretended to enjoy it

You wanted me to say your name

So I moaned it

When you were inside me I bit my lip so hard it bled

I faked an orgasm so it would finally end

At last you were gone, with a self-satisfied smirk on your face

You left behind the smell of your cologne

I couldn't breathe, your scent was all over my skin

All over my bed

I ripped my clothes off

Threw away the sheets

I lay naked on the bare mattress

And I cried

The End

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