First Kiss..xx

- its a poem about how I feel as I have just got a boyfriend.

You wander into my life like a star wanting to shine, You make me melt in the heat of your warm presence, though I alone am shy I still dream. My mind winds over again on scenero's I wish to happen but are to far to reach by hand. Each breathe is a  sign of desperation of the dream waiting to become realitly. I have never before felt this away about anyway though it told me a while to figure out this mysterious feeling bubbling inside. You are not perfect but who is? You make me laugh, your hugs are warm and I cant stop thinking about you. Never in my life have I felt so funny, my brain is crazy about you. Though one of my besties does not like you as you are not up to her 'standards' it is I not her who you date. My lips yurn yours, but finally being met by desire, slowley inside I melt, everything fades away, nothing around. You are my first kiss, never had I ever thought that lips could be so soft, be so inviting.

The End

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