First Glances

It's not a story, just a poem about some amazing people I have met in my life and how we met in this crazy world.
Enjoy :)

In our lives we click

With friends that we do not pick

Somehow we find each other

In time we understand one another


It may not always be the first glance

Maybe it was when we gave them a second chance

That we opened our hearts and said

Let’s stay friends until the end


A sharp smack with a plastic ball

Talking round a table when we were quite small

From laughing at the teacher’s growls

To slapping each other with tea towels


A game of cards on a hotel bed

Running through a field not looking ahead

Standing in the foyer on a cold morning

Making up stories out of a pondering


None of us are perfect, it’s true   

Now and then things go askew

But in the end we made our amends

And continue to be the closest friends 



The End

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