First Day Present

First Day Present is a poem relating to a small boy who had been to school for the first time and had a crush on an older girl.

It was 16 years, 17 days a go
when my life was 70 months old
I remembered the freshness
an excitement, I've never had
first day in class, first time at school
my heart got tense as entering a room
made new friends, greeting teachers, after
walked around, all and every corners 
of school yards, with small legs' muscles
to learn structures by my little heart
with a bit good-luck, and correct timer 
unexpected, I first met my first lover
the one who smart at science and math
always spent her lunch at outside weather
she got slender legs, black hairs, tied back
got a moon-faced, slim-shaped, elegant body
lips smelled cherry, scents were carried 
her smooth skin, liked silks, creamy 
smiles seemed friendly, eyes looked pleasant
as relaxed as sky mid-night in Karenni
but for me, I could not stayed relax
because her length was taller than me.

The End

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