First Crush

I'm really not the person to fall in love, or other trivial things like that, but here's a poem dedicated to my first (and only, till date) crush...

I want you to close your eyes, and see my face.
I want you to hold me close,
And assure me, that it's going to be all right.
I want to melt in the warmth of your voice;
I want you to make me laugh,
With those nonsensical jokes of yours.
I want to see that twinkle in your eye,
That tells me you are happy.

I want you to ask me about my troubles,
And nod sympathetically when I get it all out
I want you to see into the depths of my heart;
Know my every move, my every glance.
I want you to think about me every waking moment,
And have dreams coloured with my smile.
I want you to tell me that I am worthy.
I want you to be my man.
Is this what they call love?

The End

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