Fires Forgotten

One night, dreamt ash, found fool's love passing by,
Found love, shame it sank like the stones in sea,
Minds break, shape the world that we had engraved,
We found love, shaped the world, shaped the world.

Perfection wrapped us up, took us for our ride,
We leant on blades, and carved words in our tongues,
Just shaped the world that we had ambition to break,
We found love and shaped the world, shaped the world.

From dreams, not perfect, but full of fire,
A fire to burn forever, a fire to burn my life away.

We wept the waters of the world, and found our different ways,
Life found on the edge of our lips, promises soon erased...

Sweet promise unmade...


There was never a time I didn't love you,
Just the times  that I never had you,
My love is a tree, burning to the root,
Just a fire burning in the cold winter nights,
Something borrowed, something blue,
The end of forgotten dreams, only forgotten by you. 

The End

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