fire in

fire out

in a medow

in a shout


inside eyes

out of courage

inside mines

only you

only me

in presence

always be

mistakes noway

destined to stay

i walk alone

i walk in one way

hope and courage

wishful dreams

inside pain

comes great power

what remaines is healing power

i would love to feel my own vibe

so i can see

beautiful eyes cry

only God will heal all this

i will be able to feel his divine kiss

soon to be balanced

hopefuly i will regain trust

in the ever flowing sea of must

the sun is my health

the earth is my fertile ground

let it all sink in

and let it be found


just let it be

i am so free

free to chose

free to be

anything my heart wants to see

glow in glow out

let my see light

God please prepare my flight

climbing the mountain

walked out of the sea

i am so greatful

together with me

The End

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