about fire and dreams of monsters and animals.

Fire burning bright,

The bright everlasting light.

Feel the warmth through the light that glows

Through your head down to your toes.

Near the sides of the ground

there is ice all around

colder colder everyone knows

that cold chill felt through your bones.

Far away each animal lies

lie at night which day despise

The moon rose high and high

clothing the ground with bright light.

Day to night the trees disguised

as horrible monsters children recognize.

They run, they run so hard.

They run, they run very far.

But the monsters that they fear,

during the day they disappear.

The trees are back to normal

they are no longer so horrible.

The children don’t need to hide

they are safe, they have pride.

Nobody has the fear anymore

of the monsters hiding by the door.

Fire, Fire burning bright.

What will you teach us tonight?

No matter now where you go,

the monsters will be afraid to show.

The End

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