Extracted a lyric from Ben Howard 'we'll show the fire how to burn'.

And at once,
My fire was snuffed out.
His clothes tumbled into his suitcase
The door slammed...
With the eerie echo of a metallic click.
I lay forlorn
On our bed - my bed.
I wept

Mt thoughts swirled around
In my coffee cup,
An emerald eyed beauty appeared.
His fire:
Quiet humming embers.
A glance
An exchange of warmth
From hand to hand

His words caressed my body
Lingering at each curve
Beckoning my eyes to engulf his
My lips moist,
My warm breath spilling from my mouth rapidly.

His lips,
Massaging mine
His tongue,
Gently coaxing my clothes off.
All at once,
He ignited a flame.

A delicate gentle
Lustful flame in my heart.
I arched my back
Clung to the bed sheets
My thighs turned to steel
And then I melted into him.

'We'll show the fire how to burn'
He hotly whispered into my
And at that moment,
That lustful flame
Morphed into a

The End

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