Finding A Flow

Lime green tree grown wood

Chopped sanded slabs of sawdusted

Must you's and custard pies of trust eaten

On a school lunch period like the end of sentences

The end of school the end of the end like universal rule

Expends energy expanding tremendously endless unrest

So sudden as of one day clomping feet the next day singing a beat

The next day living increased by joy the next day breathing life's toy

Until tilts melt drizzling guilt and fresh fish smelts holler

The wrapped up shell hides from the masters collar

Wallowing washed out by oceans immense corrosion

Slimming great

Rocks of weight

To grains

Under foot path lanes

Bullied easy and usual

By the pathetic pinky toe

Pink painted at that

Ink just fainted falling flat

Off the blank black page

Excuse me, I'm stepping off of this stage.   

The End

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