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These are just some free form thoughts that I've had about a particularly stressful time I've been having lately.

Take my life in your hands.
You already have my heart and my mind, may as well have all of me.

This is my Third Grade love poem to a grown up love who has forgotten the real meaning of what it is to fall.
Afraid of perfection and in denial of what the future brings.
Always searching for the next best thing, and trying hard not to make me hurt more than I need to.

This is a Declaration of Dependence to a person who doesn't need me.
A man who stole my heart, broke it, returned it in shattered pieces, and told me that I was the only one who knew how to glue it back together.
I have not seen my heart in years.
I don't remember what it looks like.
How will I know what piece goes where?

I wanted to be the definition of true love.
Instead they placed my picture next to friend (best friend to be exact)

...and theyve sold a million copies already. 

The End

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