Final Station

I've been enraged with hate I've seen, that has been accepted and even promoted by people I know and love. This was part of my response. Later there shall be a link to a music video.

Who are you to say
What should make me happy
When it all goes away
I'll have my accomplishments
If you have yours, will you be proud?
If I close my eyes
What makes you stand out from the crowd
If I plug my ears
How do you fare without sound
If I kept score how many tallies would be
Under the people that you've hurt
Or that you've picked up from the ground
We know it all comes around
If we open up your closet
Take away anonymity
Let the dirt fall in a pile
Broadcast to the world, would the rest be worthwhile?
If I said to take your station
That the world is at its final war
If I locked you in
Against yourself who  would win?
Here are your options
The world can be yours.... 

The End

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