Final: A Word From Salvation

He stands alone in the rain

Abandoning all inside

He cannot hide his pain

No matter how hard he tries

Falling apart

Just to laugh as he cries


He screams, “Let love bleed red,

Let loose your fears

And burry all our dead

Don’t hide this shame

We’re finished,

Playing your game


In another world snow starts to fall


She gave it her all

He tore her apart,


He broke her heart


Stabbed her in the back,

Taking her life,

Letting her slip through the crack

With her emotions he just played and toyed

Draining her will,

Leaving her all but void


Tonight it’s going to end

Something so broken,

No one can mend

He joins her tonight

In darkness,

Ending this plight


“Newsflash, two lovers are dead

Over something,

He never said”

So from Salvation: Never kiss and tell

For in the end my loves…

It never ends well

The End

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