filled with life!

This poem was written for Jelle's sister, Eva. She makes beautiful collages.

Filled with life,

read and write.

Take your scissors 

take your glue.

Paste a house

inside a zoo.


Your paper won’t get sillier

(unless you help it to.)


I’ve seen the magazines,

that seep with ordered things.

Aligning with the times,

which keeps us kept

inside the lines.


So hum when on the bus.

and run when it feels right.

remember that your paper

won’t get tipsy overnight.


(Now take our brush

and take your pen)

For future silliness depends!

on seeing cats 

in wedding gowns

and people cheering 



Filled with life

day and night

your hands will help 

Your heart’s delight


The world awaits 

For you. 

‘Cause no one’s getting sillier,

(unless you help them to.) 

The End

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