Seasons changeMature

"seasons change
and people do too"
Has always been
like the different leaves
swept across the ground.
You watch leaves change
and the temperature too
You watch people fall
and you watch them grow
Have you noticed yet
who you are too?
These people change
they fall like the leaves
and shrivel like the plants.
They are as pale as the sky
in the mid of winter
they are as bright as the sun
at the end of summer.
You talk so high
like they are at your side
like every breath
that you take
yet you are in despair
when they walk away
You wonder how cold
your lungs must have been,
with the snow
stuck to your cheek.
But you stopped paying attention
with the flowers growing
on your ribs
When you weren't all alone
You stopped thinking
that people didn't change
You never watched
the leaves fall
you didn't watch
the rain against the ground
you stopped watching
because you thought
you were the only one.
You forgot
that as soon
as the temperature dropped
People would too.
You forgot
that when they were as warm
as hot chocolate
they were also
as cold as ten below
you latched yourself
to the people you thought
were like seasons,
vibrant and alive
you clung
to every thought
like it was a tongue
on a pole.
You didn't swing with the breeze
You didn't stand on top of the water
you forgot
that like seasons
people change
that like the wind
they would float away
they are not
they last as long
as the seasons do.

The End

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