Nights without warmthMature

my darling
cuddled up
Close and warm
would be
so much better
than here
cold and alone.
in your arms
as safe
as can be
with your breath
through my hair
and your heart
beating against mine.
with the night
Standing over us
as guard,
and the stars
as the light
across our skin..
it's all that i wish
to be in your arms
as close as can be.
Under the sheets
with my fingers,
tracing just under
your jaw
to see that soft little smile
this music is slow
it is soft as your skin
it is as gentle as your fingers
but it causes melancholy
it makes me realize
how attached i am
to such a beautiful boy.
how i sit
as my bones settle
and my fingertips
They ache for your skin
and your touch
and your smile
so warm
and so bright.
these songs
slide against my lungs
and down my skin
i miss your warmth
and i miss your eyes,
like an entire universe
that you let me see.
there is something about
how the night feels
when i am alone
rather than with you;
it is as alone
as i am.

The End

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