in loveMature

i am in love with you
insanely, quite possibly
god the smile on my face
every time i think of you
i bite my rings
and i hide my face
the way you make me feel
is like i am the solar system in your eyes
so god damn important and beautiful
being wrapped up in your arms
is like a gift
and every kiss
that much better
my stomach is full of butterflies
and i always feel so giddy
i am in love with you
and a day will come
when i will kiss the words
all over your skin
tracing over every surface
and playing with your fingers
and tangling mine in your hair
smiling and laughing
with the music playing loud.
i am in love with you
and there could not possibly
be a better thing in this world
than hearing
you're in love with me too.

The End

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