Flesh and BoneMature

at night my body is just flesh and bone, 
an ache i want to relieve 
because nothing matters 
for such a short little while 
and i am reminded of everything 
that is an insecurity or a wound 
that will never heal, 
i live and i breathe 
and he loves my laugh 
and he kisses me like i am his oxygen, 
i have lived for that gorgeous boy 
since the day we met 
and i wonder if he knows 
that he’s the fucking planets in rotation, 
that my world was nothing but dust 
until he came along 
and was the gravity that pulled it all together 
and i wonder if he knows 
that my blood pumps for his smile, 
waiting and waiting in my veins 
and does he know 
that his voice is cocaine straight to the core, 
that i am so feeble and mindless at night 
and does he know, 
does he know 
that i’m in love with every fucking freckle 
that marks his skin, 
that he is a shooting star 
in this world of meteors 
does he know how fucking perfect he is 
or is this just me, 
at night, 
with my flesh and my bones aching 
because as much as my bed is cold and lonely, 
it’s like a fucking inferno when he’s pinned me to the fucking wall, 
and darling don’t you know i’m in love with you, 
the boy who is a constellation waiting to be noticed 
and written down by astronomers 
or when someone else wishes on you every night 
but the only wishes you grant are mine 
on the nights 
when i’m not just flesh and bone 
instead i’m burning blood and flush cheeks 
because you act like the stars are on my skin 
limitless for you 
and who the fuck am i 
but some reckless person 
that is waiting to crash and burn into your arms 
baby don’t you know that you set my soul on fire 
or do you knowingly look at me 
like i’m gasoline and light a match

The End

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