I always hope
that you find "her"
or, "the one".
my love,
I am not it.
I know
who we are now,
it is not forever
and maybe
we have our love now,
but we are young
we have so much time
you will not
remember this later
it will simply be
a beautiful pink dress
the broken bracelets
the notes
in our music
the undeniable love
and the endless poems
floating about.
my darling
we are young
and we are not set in stone
I fear
for the future,
that I will see
her hand in yours,
She'll be laughing
at your stupid jokes
and it'll burn
my heart
seeing that beautiful smile
on your face
knowing I'm not
the reason anymore.
And my skin will
no longer fit
my hands
will always be cold
My skin
will be as bare
as the winter.
I will be as naked
as the day I met you.
My darling
I accept
that another girl
will take your breath away
and capture you
like I did.
that your love
will be brighter.
that you
will be perfect.
That she will
perfect that smile
of yours,
and take you
higher than I could.
I wish accepting
were easier,
I am weeping
over acceptance.
I had no idea
breaking my own heart
could be so easy.
I accept
that I have no idea
what the future holds.
I accept...
I accept
that I will not always
have you.

The End

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