Watching You LeaveMature

It sucks,
you know?
you find someone
that's really cool
a rad person
and you
fall in love with them
you're around them a lot
so time goes on
and you have-
you have to watch them leave
And it sucks
cause I don't want to
I don't like
watching you leave
After you taint
my fucking bed
You come
and you make it warm
and good
and then you leave
and it's not warm
it's not good
it's cold
and lonely.
I fucking hate it
I hate
coming home to this
because it's shit.
You touch my skin
you reclaim it
and rope my lips off
you mark every inch of me
and you leave
like the fucking sun.
the center of the universe
and you know it
making sure
my fingertips are aware
of the constellations on your skin
making sure
I'm aware
of the things you can do.
whispering in my ear
how much you need me,
our skin
flush together
letting me go
and walking away
I fucking hate
missing you
because you leave traces

The End

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