People lack
the belief
in themselves
They lack
their own sense of creativity
They look in the mirrors
And they can't even admit
that they are their art
Baby look at what you are
who you are
Look at the things you create
You are the stars written into the sky
with every note of every song
with every line that you read out
with every word scrawled on a page
You are your art
You are the freedom
in the things you write
You are the music
to your words
You are the feelings
in the things you write
you are your own piece
of imagination.
I don't want to hear
that bullshit
That you are not creative
That you are not
everything you create
You are
everything you dream to be
god damn it.
Don't let anyone
ever tell you
that you are not
the paint on a canvas
the words in a book
the music in a song
You are
everything you create
just look at the sky
it will tell you
the same thing.

The End

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