Stars and FaultsMature

I'm trying
to stay strong
but when I look at her
I fall apart.
Who knew
you could make a mistake
just by holding a star?
Who knew
accepting my fate
would come at a cost.
We've got all the sparks
that light up the dark
I thought she
would die before me
that her lungs
would give out
before I did.
I'm losing
the one I love
as I fade away.
She's too beautiful
for this pain,
she doesn't deserve this.
I pictured a place
we'd belong
an author
we could trust.
A disappointment
as I told her
what was written in stone.
A world
too faulted
for the stars
that are found in her eyes.
The fault
is not in our stars
but in us
that we are underlings.
If honesty
could kill
I would have died
the minute
I fell in love with her.

The End

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