Soul SongMature

I'm in love
with every song
ever text
every email
every letter
every picture-
I'm just in love.
Not that
it's not the most obvious thing
in the world,
it's all I write about.
Every song
that has me grinning
and laughing
because I'm thinking of you
In fact,
I think
I can say
you make my soul sing
it sings
all these songs
that fill my lungs with sweetness
something like
on the tip of the tongue.
It sings
and quiet
just for you to hear.
When it's loud,
it's on full display
with our fingers intertwined
and our lips connected.
When it's quiet,
it's just between us
soft and low,
with us laying close.
But for the most part,
it sings about you,
while I'm grinning
ear to ear
and singing every word
So that you can hear
and sing with me.

The End

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