Luck, treasure, and loveMature

This is the sixth volume of poetry.

Just when I think I'm done
I find something else
some other way
to write about you
to write you down
and god,
do I love it
not only the greatest muse
but a perfect one
it's beautiful,
and makes me,
extremely lucky
to be able to write about you
to you
for you.
Not everyone is that lucky
they don't get that smile
or that kiss
or laugh
or anything
a true treasure.
you are golden,
a palace of music
and love.
This has gotten a little silly
my point
was to write something poetic
and pretty
to write a smile on that
charming face of yours.
To bring the red onto those cheeks
and cause that giggle
and happy face
I'm so lucky to see.
And lately,
I've written a lot about my luck
who cares?
I love you
an indescribable amount
and I know
that you do too.

The End

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