Fighting End

"Sometimes the end is caused by your own hand"

In that moment, time slows, to a stop.
 It freezes to a halt, as I make my stand.
 With strong legs planted firmly to the land.
 Arms held down, barely touching,
 As I face it head on, with determined eyes.

 Its a dangerous enemy, a true battle from within,
 With countless lies and continuous sin.
 It is a monster with no remorse,
 Fueled by hatred and pain as its source.

 My eyes locks with its in a challenge of wits.
 Its gaze deadly and still,
 Because its prepared to fight, to kill.
 And it steps forward slowly yet sure,
 As if ready for an upcoming war.
 So it bears its yellow stained teeth, throws its head back for a thunderous roar.

 My eyes slam shut, in that moment silence breaks.
 Its to much to take,
 As I scream back, ears covered, and I fall.
 To my knees in the dirt,
 The beast continues to yell.
 My hearing fades to the ringing of a bell,
 And I can no longer tell,
 Where I am, why I am here.

 I feel the ground coming to greet me,
 Eyes a slit, and the image blurred.
 But I can see the monster as it stalks forward.
 Its form shifting to a new,
 What it appears is someone I knew.
 Someone I know as it comes to a stop,
 Just like that, it slowly drops.

 My vision clears and I see my worst fear,
 A face that matches my own as he tilts his head.
 Wanting nothing more to see the monster from before, instead.
 He smiles and its like looking in a mirror,
 And he leans forward, breath hot on my ear.
 Much to close, much to near.
 And he whispers.

 "I am your nightmares, I am your worst fear. I am the change from good to bad and what you wish not to become. I am you. A sad, pathetic excuse, and you know it to. You feel the darkness overpower the light. As it sucks out your will to fight. You will be the one thing you never wanted to see. The monster you always said you never would be."

 My eyes closed and a shiver went up my spine.
 Because that voice, that being, was mine.
 The truth hitting hard and fast,
 Of what's really behind the mask.
 Breathing becomes a difficult task.

 He leans back to stare,
 His gaze a dark pit of black.
 An aura that can never go back,
 To the person it once was.
 To the creation before the abomination,
 To the life of pure,
 And now, there's no hope, there's no cure.

 I can no longer stay awake,
 And there's so much at stake.
 Yet my body grows heavy, my mind a blank,
 As he stands and turns,
 Suddenly everything around him burns.
 He tilts his head once again to the side,
 Speaking with the same cold voice,

 "You will never escape this life, that we make. neither real or fake. Not yet, the path is narrow but long. The choices you choose to decide will always be wrong because we will end up here every time. You, me, the same person here. You....will awaken every ounce of fear. Goodbye, my shadow self."

 I could no longer see,
 But I heard him, me.
 Knowing, that no matter what I do,
 My destiny is set in stone and unchanged.
 Everything around me, everything I touch,
 Will end, appear as such,
 A wasteland of burned ruble and burning fire.
 Of an unwanted, but soon to be, desire,
 But I will fight with all my might,
 For a different future past destruction.

 A fighting end,
 Of one last stand,
 Because I will fight,
 For what's right.
 Till the fighting end.

The End

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