fierce attempts

We wore our hearts on our sleeves and told ourselves that not even the flow of the breeze could knock us down. We lived on laughter and the hope of brighter days, we would never give in. You see, this is the way that we wanted to live. And nothing anyone said could stop us cause we were invincible. Now here I am, with scars on my arms that I trace every night. And you, a confusion, an untamable breath. So livid and fierce beating out of your chest. I wonder when the days seemed to make me heavy, and hell became a place just miles down the street. I mean, I've medicated my sadness and become numb to feeling. The times ahead nor the ones left behind seem appealing, and I'm stuck in this goddamn place for what seems like ages and there's no escape from the thoughts in my head. But being dead is something I will not turn to again. 

The End

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