Fibro Blues and other poems

This is a selection of poems that I have written to express to others exactly what having fibromyalgia is like and how it affects my daily life.
The poems are not meant as great literary works, but as a means of expression and an outlet for my pain and frustration

                        Fibro Blues


                      Joanne Shore

 My body aches, I feel so sore

My hands won’t hold my cup no more

I can’t remember half the things

I’m s’posed to do before the spring,

Erupts upon us with each bloom

Sparkling in the morning dew


 I have to clean my house this week

Before my hubby starts to seek

A better mate than I am; now

Cos he thinks I’m a lazy cow

But don’t you worry, I’ll respond

By throwing him in the duck pond


My weight has soared so much that I

Keep wondering oh why oh why

Can I not gather my resistance?

Or summon up some more assistance

From a nice person who will say

You must not eat that cake today


But I will not let it beat me

This fibro blues for me you see

Must take it self away and fly

Right to the moon but I won’t lie

It’s going to be a battle of wits

For me to get a grip on it




There’s an elephant on my legs


           Joanne Shore


There’s an elephant on my legs

And it’s taken all the pain

That I really should be feeling

Pushed it to the ceiling that is my spine above


There’s an elephant on my spine

And I’m sure that I’ll be fine

If only it would mime

A little butterfly


There’s an elephant on my legs

And I’m sure that if it knew

How much pain I’m going through

It would heave a little sigh


For though it’s sitting there

Feeling oh so very sure

That it really doesn’t care

If it wants to move so far


There’s an elephant on my head

And it’s crushing all the feeling

That, I’m sure my brain is reeling

From the pain I know I’m feeling


There’s an elephant on my legs

And my spine and on my head

I am sure that if it could

Understand me; that it would

Remove itself for good




                        Please Don’t


                        Joanne Shore

 Please don’t look at me that way

I can’t help if I’m in pain

So tired and low that, yet again

I had to cancel lunch today


Please don’t say ‘you look fine to me’

Just because you cannot see

The agony, that goes through me

Each time I hear you say to me


‘You got your words jumbled up again’

I know, but I just can’t explain

How even though I have a brain

It doesn’t work out quite the same


The fog descends upon my mind

And though you think you’re being kind

To me when saying exercise

I can’t explain how much I tried


If only you had seen me when

I did the gardening on my bum

Because I simply couldn’t stand

To dig and plant my plot of land


I‘d dig out borders with a trowel

For twenty minutes, to an hour

Then oh the pain would make me howl !

And back to bed I’d have to crawl


So please remember when I say

I have a fibro flare today

That, though you cannot see my pain

It’s here to bug me yet again


                      You won’t Beat Me


                           Joanne Shore


You give me pain so bad that I can’t think

Of any means to make it go away

You make me wonder how my strength can stand

To fight against you for another day


You take my mind from me and leave a fog

That clogs my brain and turns it in a whirl

Of misty clouds resembling a log

So old and gnarled that all they do is swirl


You take my energy and make it sink

Into a mire so deep that I am stuck

Like mud so heavy that my muscles shrink

Beneath the weight and my mind runs amuck


Although I suffer all these things each day

That sometimes in my mind I like to say

Give in, accept it; let it take away

This fight in me has left me for today


But you won’t win; I tell you this in truth

I’ll fight today with every nail and tooth

For though, you make me suffer every day

That darn wheel chair will not be here to stay








The writer, Joanne Shore is to be identified as the author of this work according to section 77 of the copyright design patent act 1988





The End

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