the Ride Out of HidingMature

Fester, Irene, and I,
Were driving downtown,
Content, I was with my sky,
Head pointed to the hood,
A twinkle in my eye,
The hood was as dark as night.
This was the focus of everyone’s sight,
The engine on
Windows rolled accordingly to preferences
The hum of song,
An ancient red city, painted with angry faces,
Pulls there pointers on our prestige.
All I can imagine is where they’re leading us to,
The fingered many fastened on our crew.
It’s cool.
Says Irene, the bold beauty who’s sentiment
Says we just press Go.
Fester, grabs the wheel screaming:
“We can’t go baby, my seat belt is too tight!”
As calmly as cream, Irene silenced his scream:
“It’s alright,
We go by lifetimes that is how we go,
The edging of distance, the steady roll,
It won’t kill you, so as long as we take it slow.”
I only smiled, smiling only at them,
The love they shared I felt now and again,
Only they were moving lifetimes,
And I was still sipping my light-years.
We all gathered for the showing fears,
At the windshield hollow, Irene steers.
We sped slowly,
The streaking glow
Of our racing eyes darted the unknown.
All the lights were full term,
And the eggs were spoiled,
The angels we deserved
Had all subsided their turmoil
To the road.

The End

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