Feminist Sex Wars

The violence in pornography controls the inept
as another woman is trampled beneath sexism
It taints the view of modern man, because
not every male is a slave to their testosterone

Sexual freedom holds no negativity
if the primal desires match the consent
Her choice to star in the movie of sin
is her free will and her right

  Headlines read what they want you to believe
  That no feminist ideal is safe to conceive
  Just give her the time to adjust to her equality
  And you’ll find, she’s no different to you or me

All stances were shaken with the media spotlight
every girl band betrays what it means to be free
The more skin shown, the more records are sold
and the common housewife is left to feel self-conscious

Prostitution is glared upon by those who indulge in secrecy
It appears the male is in control with the almighty dollar bill
Yet, it is the female who walks away with the financial gain
If that’s what they want, then let them be

The End

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